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Handmade Unisex Cotton Face Mask (Removable Middle Filter) Prevent Covid-19/ Odour/ Dust
Price RM5.90 - RM6.79
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100% Made in Malaysia

100% Ready Stock In Malaysia Warehouse

Made by ISO9001 Factory

Support Buatan Malaysia

Support Malaysian Locally during Covid-19 MCO period

Made From High Grade Breathable Fabric Material Imported From Korea

100% dibuat di Malaysia

Stok READY 100% Di Gudang Malaysia

Dibuat oleh Kilang ISO9001

Sokongan Buatan Malaysia

Menyokong Produk Malaysia secara tempatan semasa tempoh Covid-19 PKP

Diperbuat daripada Bahan Fabrik bernafas Gred Tinggi Diimport dari Korea





Covid-19 MCO期间在马来西亚本地支持


高品质布质口罩套 现货

- 没有医疗口罩的不用担心 可自行风干湿纸巾了放进去
- 减少外层的灰尘污染
- 減少内层的口水污染
- 用了的口罩套可以清洗消毒再重用

有兴趣者请自行信息我们 现货有限

This is handmade product . The item shall be wash again after receive for hygiene purpose.

Method to wash/clean the mask,
- Firstly, remove the filter from mask (accessible from pocket open on top/middle inner).
- Secondly, choose one of option below:
i) Wash hand using hand soap then fully clean with water.
ii) Sink in hot water for 3-5 minutes.
iii) Fully spray with iodine at inner and outer surface of mask.
-Lastly, dry the mask at good ventilation place (not need be under hot sun) as the mask can dry very fast.

*Recommended to have 3-off masks each person if need to wear everyday to allow wash and dry off.*

This handmade mask is suitable for the peoples who need prevent the Droplets/ Dust at crowded area. Also, for peoples who are cough and flu to prevent virus spread to others. The filter are removable and it will allow user to change better quality filter with brand eg: 3M aircon filter which proven to filter with PM2.5.

1. What this cloth mask work differ from normal disposable mask?
- This cloth mask is reusable after clean by methods mentioned above. Also the mask prevent direct contact with droplets from peoples who are cough or flu. Removable filter at middle will able to catch the virus. both outer and inner layer is to absorb the moisture and dusts. The important way to make this mask function well is to wash daily and change the filter after use.
Normal disposable mask are good for peoples who are sick especially who are cough and flu badly which will make the mask wet easily so can change the mask directly after the mask getting wet and throw away.

2. Why need this cloth mask compare to normal surgical mask?
- The answer is easy. Normal surgical mask are always out of stock after the Covid-19 virus spread globally. This cloth mask is great option for peoples who can not get the normal surgical mask but need protection from crowded area.

3. Suitable filter : Wet Tissue,Rag,Gauze (make sure is new)

This package contain:
1-off handmade cloth mask.

Please take note this product is not accept for refund as hygiene purpose.
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